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Redwing and Dove in the Apple Tree

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I looked out a few minutes ago, and saw what looked like a black bird in the apple tree; binoculars revealed it was the immature Red-Winged Blackbird (previous puzzle), fluffed up and sitting patiently, perched near a Mourning Dove. I took this shot (my binoculars are 10X, but my camera is 20X). This not only shows the relative sizes of the two, but it makes clear how complicated it is trying to pick out critical field marks for identification.
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The starling has an almost yellow 'beak', or 'bill', depending on where you live. Not the color, but what it is called. To my old eyes, this looks like a darker color, and makes me think that it is the Red Wing. So, give the man a dollah. You take very pretty and interesting pictures, Dondi. connie


I have a set of binoculars that has a camera on them ... Will have to get them from the motorhome and see what they will do.. Thanks Dondi ... This is a very beautiful photo ...


That's exactly what happened - looking out, I saw the bird in the spruce tree outside my window and next to the feeders. Its size (bigger than the sparrows and chickadees), black and white speckling, wing bars and eye stripe caused me to say, "What the heck?" and go for the camera. It took some rummaging through the bird book before I found it, then some research on the Cornell birds site before I was confident I had the ID.


Really, if you were just passing by the window hurredly, you could interpet this as a starling without really looking. But the light eye stripe and wing bars might make you wonder in the back of your mind, depending how focused you were on something else.


Wonderful photo. Love the soft greys all kinda blending. Very painterly effect with the mourning dove almost blending into the trees and the red-wing standing out clearly.


Great shot, dondi. Thanks.


Nice! Thanks, Dondi.


I love your new camera, as we are getting the benefits from it. Wonderful photo and yes the difference in sizes are very noticeable now. Thanks much dondi.

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