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Desserts Around The World - Greece - Ekmek Kataifi

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Kataifi dough (ie shredded phyllo pastry) is baked until crispy, soaked in lemon sugar syrup, topped with custard and whipped cream and garnished with cinnamon and pistachios.
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Yummy. Makes my desserts looks so sad. Thanks for the inspiration.


@morepiecesplz I'm shocked I didn't notice that similarity! You're absolutely right! I never made the connection because the whipped cream is such an important part of Ekmek, while all the kremes-related desserts have pastry as the top layer.

I'm sure you've noticed that some of the middle eastern desserts in this series are actually associated with Eastern European countries. It makes sense, since both regions being geographical neighbors means that there have always been large Muslim populations in Eastern Europe, so the cultures are blended.

I love Ekmek so much! You should definitely try it the next time you're at a Greek restaurant.



This is so good I love Kataifi


This looks delish!


Another dessert similar to one from a different region, Croatian Kremšnitaconcoction (see what you're teaching me?). Would love to try this.

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