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San Rossore National Park

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  1. mbirdancer3:12
  2. sds6613:18
  3. babray3:39
  4. Bandit3:53
  5. leriger23:56
  6. queenc03124:00
  7. sparrowdog4:02
  8. cstars174:03
  9. LovingLolo4:06
  10. funky14:12


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This is just amazing...standing guard like sentinels. Thanks for the tag Betty and for the post Moremeo. :-)) dj


You are all very welcome. It is so very difficult to capture in a photograph the awe-inspiring cathedral-like atmosphere of a big-tree forest. I think this photographer succeeded in that as well as any I have ever seen. @oynot @nanapuzzler @helenpuz @dhi @bjondron @ma6791 @Kagey1


Oh this is an interesting puzzle Moremeo. Thanks for the tag bjondron :-)


Thank you Moremeo for the lovely puzzle and Betty for the tag!! The trees remind me of sentinels watching over the deer/animals.


@mariolyn.... I know this is not truly a fence, but I thought it close enough to give you a shout!!! Thanks again, Moremeo, for this lovely puzzle.


Thanks for the tag, Betty. I am headed to solving this one right now~ Lovely puzzle, @Moreeo. Thanks so much!! (*&*)


Beautiful puzzle Moremeo, thanks for the tag, Betty.


The pattern of the sun streaking through the trees here, reminds me of two things: Either the sun shining through a venetian blind or the ties on a railroad track, due to the natural tree tunneled road. Morning mist bliss is found by two animals as they comes out, checking their territory. This is a perfect scene to view, thank you @Moremeo. I would not wanted to have missed this!


Love this!



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