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850 Lord Nelson

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  1. srr11:03
  2. elmersandy11:18
  3. goodallman11:44
  4. PHILMAYCH12:04
  5. drattenbury12:23
  6. Stevie12012:54
  7. mickb13:30
  8. downsman13:44
  9. tinman13:47
  10. dds4814:07


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Hello Ron... sorry to hear your wife is feeling poorly. Hope she feels better soon.

I've got to search for more pictures... but right now I'm off to listen to commentary on the radio as West Brom hopefully beat Crystal Palace. Boing Boing.


Great to see you still there Dave. Been off the radar myself for a couple of weeks due to wife's ill health. Look forward to more of your posts. Regards Ron


Hi C2. A chatterbox is it? Sorry to worry you mate. Thanks for your concern but I'm okay and back to prove nothing has changed except my name.


Ah, ah. there you are! Glad everything is ticketyboo, you had us worried there for a bit.


Sorry Paddy. It wasn't intentional, I just got carried away helping my grandson. In hindsight I can see how thoughtless I was. I'll behave myself in future but I can't promise to act my age.


Cheers ferret and thanks for investigating my apparent disappearance. Glad to see you're well and sharp as ever. Can't believe I forgot my password, I did it for another site too. Managed to remember my name though so there's hope yet. I have to pick my wife up soon... wish I could remember where I dropped her!

Bloody glad to know you're well mate. Will have to crank up the 'Pissing Blokes from Birmingham Off' kit.....Teaching the lad javascript? Should be sanskrit where you come from!


Hello Gang. I'm touched by your concerns and didn't realise the disappearance of EastClintwood would draw such a response!!!

I'm alive and well and went awol in order to teach my grandson javascript. It wasn't until I tried to return that I realised I'd forgotten my password. I didn't supply an email so couldn't retrieve it.

Then I had the idea of re-joining with a different, (and shorter), name.

Sorry to be such a bloody nuisance!

Thanks for all the puzzles. I have thoroughly enjoyed completing them.


McClock and ferretneck

Yes. he's been such a prolific poster and chatterbox I feel there is something seriously amiss.

Thanks for your efforts ferret.

I've written to the site management advising them of our concern but they are unable to help


I cant but fear the worst for you Dave as I'm sure you would have responded by now if you were OK.

Thanks for all the wonderful train puzzles over the years. Ron


Can I add my concerns to Ferret's and PaddyNZ and hope you are OK.

Not so much a comment more a cry for help. Are you OK? You absence is noted and some of your far flung chums sre worried about you.

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