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Cacti & kaleidos

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  1. dotshell5:32
  2. Earendilwasa5:57
  3. webpeggy7:07
  4. Mimie7:20
  5. K8C7:31
  6. Trish2377:33
  7. SusieQueue7:47
  8. smithsinva8:08
  9. squareagle9:05
  10. sazeisel10:09


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Hi Dotty - I just came across the cacti pics when I was looking for something else online. They caught my attention so I had to use them. We don't really see many large cactus gardens here though they can be grown. I do sometimes walk past an amazing front yard that has been turned into a succulent and cacti paradise. And another place which has one cactus plant taller than me. -leased you enjoyed this layout I thought the b/w background was less impressive once I posted the puzzles. And clipping the kaleidos into hearts was also a new idea. Pleased you appreciated my hard work lol! ☺️


Well isn't that lovely! I like the heart shapes for the kaleidos, as well as their bright colors. The b/w background made a fun change. I'm curious why you used cacti. Does it grow in your area? The images are lovely. I especially like the one on the bottom right. I have 2 other sizes bookmarked for later! Thanks, Dotty


Thanks mereagle - tried a different layout. Pleased you enjoyed it.


Lovely, thank you !!

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