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For your Monday blues...

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  1. PB6000:28
  2. Watchman0:32
  3. LLLZ0:33
  4. SmartFox0:33
  5. Ianto0:35
  6. debdaz0:35
  7. joot0:36
  8. laolpela0:38
  9. Zebrapleco10:38
  10. ljcowles0:38


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Or Thursday smiles - good day to you too mpp (̑̑•̺̑̑•̑̑)


This is an adorable, sweet puzzle, mpp. Thanks for the smile! :)


Great, graphic, description of some of what passes for music these days, John!


Thanks for your comment, Pepperpot. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for this delightfully cheery puzzle !


I am at a loss as to how a deaf person could write such beautiful music. But I suppose it's possible. Most of today's music sounds as if it was written by a deaf person... while having pins pushed into their privates.... while being dragged by the bumper behind a runaway freight train... in the middle of a forest... while a herd of pygmys are chopping down a tree...


Great clip, which I now will defile saying it always makes me think of "Die Hard"... and I DO love an occasional 'Joy... I prefer milk chocolate, but a Mounds isn't always enough... (hard to make a wisecrack - being deaf and not being able to hear that is too sad).


Is this the mouse that sang the last movement of Ludwig van Beethoven ’s arguably most famous, symphony, Symphony No. 9 “Ode to Cheese"?

Beethoven, perhaps the greatest of the classical composers, wrote "Ode to Joy" towards the end of his career. He was deaf and ill and had suffered much in his lifetime. Yet he was able to compose this magnificent piece by hearing it in his head. He never heard it played. The end of this video is very moving.... I hope you have time to listen... and enjoy. If there is one thing we need in this world today, it is more "Joy"


I'd be laughing too if I saw the lot of you before you had your first cup of coffee...

"Bah da bah da da da
Bah da bah da da da
Bah da bah da da da

Jigday, Jigday, can't trust that day
Jigday, Jigday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Jigday mornin' you gave me no warnin', I had to go pee
Oh Jigday, Jigday, one cup of coffee and I've go to leave"

Feral cats... ... and... rodents... ...hmm... ...coincidental maybe?


I have feral cats in the yard - no rodents - but they will bring dead lizards or live snakes. Perhaps we should stay out of the garden in the morning...

It is a good way to get your week destroyed, early in the morning you hear a noise from the flowers and see a small rodent in a flower, laughing at you!

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