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A Sparrow Posed Too

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Sparrows pose quite nicely. lol
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You're welcome, Pam. I enjoy these little ones.


Thanks, Ardy - I like this little sparrow! 😊


Thanks for the catch up on your trip. I was praying for your safety. It's too bad that when they have to replace poles and wires that they can't put the wires underground. Guess that would take too much digging and putting wires overhead isn't that same as putting them underground. Your sister and BIL doing OK? An outdoor activity with masks should be safe.

Had a couple T-storms with lots of rain. Monday was the worst. The limb in my front yard turned out to be off a tulip poplar and not my dogwood. Don't know who has one of those anywhere nearby. lol

I got outside yesterday. Cheerie Lou came to do the laundry. While she was here she took the walker down the front steps. I took me and the camera down to meet it and had a grand time touring my backyard. I haven't been out in my yard for at least 6 months. It was such a treat to see my roses and other flowers. CL couldn't understand why I was willing to sit in the sun when there was shade a few feet away. We weren't out very long - maybe 15-20 minutes.

Hope your time up- there is safe in all ways. Love and Hugs ♥♥♥


Just back on jigidi today, Ardy...I have a lot of puzzles and comments to catch up on. This was the first of your puzzles to pop up so I thought that I'd let you know how things went.
We arrived safely with no highway closures or detours. The Lytton area was totally devastated for miles. There are security guards on most roads to prevent looters from gaining access to properties that were saved but are vacant as there is no power or water. The telephone company was "planting" new poles and running wires as we passed. Farther on in another area, trees were still smouldering and a fire truck was wetting down hot spots along the highway. At Spences Bridge you could not see the hills on the other side of the river for smoke. We slowly passed a group of Bighorn sheep grazing on the side of the road. They are usually farther up the hills...but they do like the green grass on the school playground. However, most other areas had lots of greenery despite the extended heat...and there was quite a bit of blue sky.

The young woman next door was surprised with an engagement ring on a small island in the lake...her favourite spot. Her parents were aware it was going to happen so the family was all about and they took lots of good pictures of her absolute surprise. They had a small gathering for a champagne toast yesterday so we were invited. It was our first public outing in 16 months. We were a little leery but it was held outside...but I certainly said a prayer last night.

The smoke wasn't too bad yesterday but today it is really evident across the lake. They were doing back burning previously which always produces more hopefully that is what it is today...trying to control the spread of the fire by removing its fuel. However, that can only be done when the wind is blowing back towards the fire.

Take care. Lots of love and hugs. 💕💕💕


Eva, he has a huge family here as well. lol They do seem to have definite personalities, don't they. ☺ You're welcome, Eva. Hugs my friend♥♥


He has a large family in NW Arizona and might need a plane ticket😂😂 They are so cute those sparrows and they have nice character..
Thanks Ardy..Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️


I thought so too, Suzy. Thanks. ♥♥


You're welcome, Val. Glad for the good news of your two fur babies. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Thanks, Shirley. They have such expressive faces. I love my little sparrows.


You're welcome and thankyou, Jacki. ♥Hugs♥


He looks happy! :))))


Fantastic capture thank you Ardy, love your Sparrow Hugs dear friend ♥♥


Birds are wonderful to watch with all their expressions and funny little acts, Thank you, Ardy, he's a real cutie.


well done, Ardy. Thanks and hugs


Thanks, Barb. The birds love it when Sam mows the yard both in back and front. SO fun to watch. Hugs ♥


Ardy, she is hunting little bugs for her babies. She is a good mom. Thanks for the nice puzzle for us. Hugs ☺♥


Don't like to miss a good opportunity. Thanks Jillian.


He might, Faye. He didn't seem interested in the feeder. So many of hem in he azaleas. Thanks. ♥♥♥


I sometimes have doves around but not pigeons. Thanks, AB. I love my little sparrows. Huggles.


Glad you took him up on his pose, great thanks Ardy


I wonder if he has his eye on a juicy bug... 🙂❤️🙂

Another "bookmark" for when I do my birds. I've just started working on flowers...especially Impie's cosmos.


I think he is saying ' come on Ardy and take my picture, you know you want to'
All our birds have deserted us for the moment, except pigeons, noisy noisy pigeons.


Thanks, Sandi.


Nice pose.


Lo siento, pero mi traductor de computadora no puede traducir su comentario, pero creo que dice que disfrutó del rompecabezas. De todos modos espero que lo hayas disfrutado. Gracias.

un goriok tannnnnbiem posoooou

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