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MISTER...sitting up for Daddy!

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MISTER went to Rainbow Bridge, Feb. 2015! He is missed EVERY day! RIP our handsome boy! Love Mommy, Daddy and Little Kitty.
(I posted this picture, awhile ago, but thought it was worth posting, again!)
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  1. Isabeau7:13
  2. bhelen8:38
  3. tomecek10:08
  4. babygirl_baby30200510:59
  5. rdsa200111:11
  6. bprice2612:45
  7. llknott13:24
  8. Pammi15:30
  9. PuzzleG18:26
  10. pickupman10022:42


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Thanks, again, PuzzleG! Your words are always inspiring!
God help us all, until we meet our pets, again!


It is so comforting to find friends who understand how this type of loss feels, & especially that we all realize that God has a purpose for all things, even for the painful passing of those we love. Love & Hugs to you both, BHelen & RaynaGrace. ((((


RaynaGrace: We, both, are hurting for the same reason...the loss of our pets. Yes, we'll always have very special memories, for sure! (Who knows? Maybe Buttercup and Mister have become good friends!) ~ Thanks, for your kind words.


Wanted to say a special thank you, bhelen, for your kindness towards me and my Buttercup. I think your Mister was a really special big boy and deserved the title of "Mr". Too bad animals have such a short lifespan. They pack so much joy and laughter in their little time with us. But at least we have our very special memories to carry around and cherish until we meet again.


You're welcome, PuzzleG! We seem to see eye-to-eye, when it comes to our pets! We love them SO deeply and miss them so much! Yes, it will be wonderful to hold them, again! Take care! oooxxx


Thanks so much BHelen. Your encouraging words mean a lot to me. I appreciate your caring & the hugs really help too. Won't it be wonderful for us all to stand in the wonderful place one day, & to greet & hold our loved ones once again? I'm looking forward to that day too!


PuzzleG...You are SO right! When I read your comments, tears ran down my face...especially when you mentioned finding/seeing General's little collar, lying there! :-((( Yep, our emotions take over! Animals are special messengers, from God. Without animals, this world would be a very cold and harsh place! I send sympathy and healing hugs to you, too! God bless you!


Losing a pet is so much like losing a human loved one. Their innocence & unconditional love make losing them even harder for us to bear. I know just what you mean about still missing him terribly. Yesterday I was taking some medicine that was sitting on our kitchen counter, & as I moved the box I saw our General's little collar laying there, & had a sudden flood of tears & sorrow. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. It feels foolish sometimes, but I view animals as special messengers from God, sent to teach us many lessons in things like love, patience, etc, & to shower us with their love, & blessings we would never have received if we had never known each special little furry friend we meet in life. Sending sympathy & healing hugs


Your comments made my eyes tear-up, Mrgoodboy! I thank you for them, as I do believe in what the Holy Bible says! God bless you!

He is adorable, and you can be sure God will bring him back in the new heaven and the new earth. The Bible says so .


THANK YOU, ALL...for your lovely and caring comments! They are greatly appreciated!
pakratalley...Our pets DO bring such joy to our lives. 'Glad you liked the picture.
Pammi...'Glad you're happy to see pictures of MISTER, again! (More will follow!)
jubatis...I do remember the happy times, but still miss him terribly
llknott...I hoping MISTER has met your kitties! He got along well with everyone!
PuzzleG...I want to think that MISTER is playing with your 3 Yorkie babies!

It's amazing how we (animal lovers) think the same way and sympathize with others, who have lost a pet. They love unconditionally and forgive and trust so easily! Thank God for animals and for those who treat them with love! XXX OOO


It is obvious how much you & Daddy loved Mister. He is happy now, playing beyond the Rainbow Bridge with many other well loved & much missed friends. I hope he is having fun with our 3 Yorkie babies, Mollie, Minnie & General.

Breaks your heart, Mister is in good company for I have kitties that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.


What a happy pudgy lil guy Mister kitty was. Just remember the happy times. Like this one. Sorry to hear he has travled on.


Mister, I am only too happy to see your pictures again and again. You were such a gorgeous boy and I understand how much you are missed by those who love you. ♥♥


Such a sweet picture. Our pets bring such joy to our lives. Sorry for your loss.

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