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The Beginning

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Does anyone know this book? What's the story?
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  1. cmzkb198818:45
  2. arwenlove24:22
  3. tupb4827:57
  4. Idlepumpkin30:49
  5. VickieJohn32:55
  6. lily6233:26
  7. mkmunson36:50
  8. PDeeJigidi38:52
  9. yetsukoo3742:09
  10. Lindasusan43:21


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Cool. Good idea :)

no I haven't...just looked it up. But I think I'm going to try to get it on my Kindle. It looks very good.


Have you read it, Kathy? Any good?

Arwen, This is the cover for the second book of "The Legend of Oescienne" by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson.


Thank you, ritaravings, but I'm not an artist. It doesn't take talent to make a puzzle of someone else's art, but I do enjoy it. Please visit my site. I've quite a few dragons and unicorns, if that's your cup of tea. I appreciate your comment :)

thanks for a wonderful puzzle, arwenlove, you are very talented....please create more puzzles

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