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,,,πŸ„ε½‘ Mushrooms ε½‘πŸ„,,,

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Imleria badia
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Marina, you see it! I'll pick it up here in the woods for free! I could send you some. Quite a lot of them grow here, but people often collect them. Scandinavia is a real paradise, you see mushrooms there every step of the way and no one collects them! πŸ„β™₯:))


Wow! A bay bolete type of mushroom, very tasty, rather expensive in Greece. It grows in forests with conifers, far north and when it comes to Athens, you pay something extra for this lovely mushroom.


Gail, your comparison to beef bourguignon is fun. But who knows what would happen if the marinade turned into needles and dew ... LOL β™₯:))

landal in beef bourguignon? Mmmmm...thanks for the thought! πŸ˜›


Gail, thank you for accompanying me to an online forest ramble, by the way, it's a perfect expression, you enjoy me. Your observation of a "pre-marinated" mushroom is in the same category. It is marinated in needles and morning dew. It is an excellent mushroom, can be used fresh, dried or as a spice and always gives the food a specific taste and aroma πŸ„β™₯:))


Hmmm...edible, they say, and appear to come pre-marinated! Thanks for sharing the mushrooms, Deanna! It's an online forest ramble. πŸ₯°


Dear Dasa, thank you for taking the time whilw watching TV and come to see my set of puzzle. Of course, I thought of you when I was looking for them, and I'd like to give them to you remotely. Maybe it will be an inspiration for your next "mushroom" season. I wish you a beautiful evening and I look forward to the next meeting πŸ„β™₯:))

Dear Deanna, I'm running away from TV again today, but you know for sure that you made me very happy with this set. I hope that the mushrooms will grow this year so that I can also take some photos. Yours are amazing. Thank you very much and I wish you beautiful days. I'm looking forward to next time. β™₯β™₯β™₯


Jill, thank you, I'm glad you like those mushrooms. When I chose those photos, I felt like I kept repeating myself, so I'm very pleased with your words πŸ„β™₯:))


Deanna you do take the most wonderful close up shots of nature. Love all your mushroom photos today. Thanks and hugs

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