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NWS: 2020 breaks record for number of 110-degree days in a year for Phoenix

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On August 9th we broke the old record of 33 days. We are now at 37 and this is our forecast.
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Yes, RebeccaB, we occasionally see a few clouds, but all they do is hold the heat in and make it feel even more stuffy. Water, water, water, that is a must to keep those dehydration headaches away. 97 isn't any picnic either. Hang in there!
We love 70/75 here too, Ank, but we have to get through 3 months a year of this to enjoy those temperatures the rest of the year. Hopefully we're almost there and you are too.


Oh wow, and I thought that it was hot in The Netherlands, we have such a row too but between 90 and 100 degrees. It's a record for us. We love 70/75 better. Ank ♥♥♥


Oh man! I had a pounding headache all day from 97 (outside) and 82 inside! Take it easy! (Did you enjoy your skinny cloud?)

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