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~Countdown to Vacation Time~
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  1. simplething1:07
  2. karkulka21:26
  3. MikeO1:27
  4. debbie372181:27
  5. jacques751:28
  6. klmc1:29
  7. kimryan1:33
  8. sherylm1:34
  9. Minibank1:38
  10. Lucky611:40


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I'm sure you will have a great time!!


Hahaaa, Have a great time!!! ;-D


We leave Fri the 25th. Son has BIG pool w/hot tub/jacuzzi in it. Daughter has a hot tub under the screened in patio. So all is good. Son has a lot of rain (he lives in Fleming island, daughter lives in Jacksonville, not much rain there). Count down, woohoo. Ya'll won't even know I am gone, b/c I'll be back on here & it will be no different, (now that is strange) (I could be sitting on the loo taking a doo & farting out the woohoo.........LSHOLTICCMS=laughingsohardoutloudthatican'tcontrolmyself...repeat, repeat, repeat. WoW, it took awhile 2 edit this in decent mode ;)


You may need to go in Mermaid mode ;))


Wish we could use these in our comments!! When do you leave for FL?? Is the state still waterlogged from the hurricane?


Oh, I like these sooo much better than the old ones. How much time is left???? dj

So much fun,

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