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For The Fourth - An Astronaut And His Dogs

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In addition to having his serious, for the record, photograph taken for the NASA space program records, astronaut Leland Melvin asked to have a second picture taken of him and his two rescued dogs. And I just love it.
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  1. gonzobob3:28
  2. Bill_I_Am3:51
  3. dris6514:35
  4. missycat4:38
  5. lajorda4:40
  6. madpol4:54
  7. patw4:55
  8. petperson5:00
  9. dudicat5:29
  10. freetime5:47


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Rescued is the best breed.


Oh, for sure! I'm still beaming :-D


They are LOVIN' on their person. :-D It's such a feel-good photograph, Andy.


"Oooh, I think I found a treat here behind Dad's right ear!". "Where?!? Are there any more? Lemme look, lemme look!".

A perfect Independence Day picture for all of America, yes indeedy! Thanks Pat.




Woof-woof! ☺


yes, I think you're right ☺


Makes me smile when I look at it, and it seemed, to me, to be a perfect 4th of July picture for this year in the United States.


Ahh, great image !! :-))))


Yes. :-)


Priceless!!! ;o)

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17 May 2021 - 5 April 2015
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