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Happy Veterans Day 2019

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A BIG THANK YOU to all of our Veterans for making cars with fins possible
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ha ha PW, I knew someone would catch that.


I wondered about that, jals. I'm glad the tail fins were in his car rather than on him.


That should read, I remember my grandfather having tail fins on his car. lol


I remember my grandfather having tail fins.
John, my dad (also named John) was supposed to go into the military but they found a heart murmur when he went for his physical. He was rejected. They never ever again found the murmur. Weird things happen and I have to believe they were for a reason.
I have regrets in my life also, but wonder if things happened for a reason and I ended up where I am in life for another reason and so I try to live each day doing my best to live for God so I can fulfill whatever purpose He has for me.
Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side. ☀ ◕‿↼



TIM - this is a wonderful tribute to all veterans, nicely done.

I would like to add that how lucky you are to have touched someone's heart enough that they wanted to take the time to express their thoughts and appreciation.

In my eyes you are top grade. Your humor becomes you. Take care.
It is 20 degrees here and seems to early to be this cold. Hopefully this coming weekend the weather is supposed to get back to 40. Bev. 11-12-19


My parents had a used 1959 Chevy Biscayne for a few years. Sideways fins. Back seat like a boat. :-)


Tail fins! If the automobile industry could just make a car with neat fins and get over 11 gallons per mile. (Perhaps I mean miles per gallon, I'm never sure.) Don't forget the 1959 Chevrolet Impala; the fins weren't as high, but they were huge as well.

I drive a Mustang. It doesn't have fins but does have a tasteful spoiler fin and front air dam.


Bev, to answer your question, "no", I am not a vet. The short version of a long story: In my senior year in high school I was a candidate to attend the Air Force Academy. I had the good grades and the necessary community involvement, but when I went for my physical I failed because of my eye sight. I was very disappointed and decided if they didn't want me to attend the Academy, I had no desire to join the military. It was one of the most regrettable decisions I made... and I still regret not enlisting. But please... don't shed any tears for me. Save your tears... you may need them when you rescue your Sabre from the repair shop

Mary, my family didn't have any fins either. My parents had a rather bulbous Nash Rambler up until the time fins became extinct, but I admired many fins from a distance. And thank you for mentioning my bio. It appears when my biographer was composing my bio he took some liberties. Though my lima bean defense cloak is almost ready to go into production, it still needs a bit of adjustment. Seems as if my machine has difficulty distinguishing between lima beans and romance novels... to me they taste about the same. I enjoyed reading about your husband, you must be extremely proud of him... as you should be. Thank you for sharing!



We had a 1959 Desoto, as I recall did not have those large fins and my husband fell in love with it.

I read your bio and just said that you take the prize for the funniest one I have yet to read. Were or are you a standup comedian?

Also, your tribute to Veterans, also police, all the people who put their lives on the line everyday was wonderful. I suspect you fit in that category.
My late husband was a WWII veteran who was at DDay and Battle of the Bulge. No injuries, except for frostbite in both Germany and then in Korea. He was my hero and a very gentle soul. Still miss him.
You are so right about what it would be like if we did not have these people. I lived a short time in what was then occupied Poland. I saw first ha d the difference Our young people need to be educated by going to these failing countries that were once prosperous.

I had no intention of getting into all that.

Happy Veterans Day.



Nice fins, and thanks to our Veterans!

I know zip about cars. I found all this info on Wiki. What I do know is that my 1997 Buick LeSabre is in the shop and will cost me a few coins to repair. I am hoping the car will outlast me.


Well, that's the difference between the two of you and little ole me. You guys know about Cadillacs and I know about Ford Pintos.... :-)

Cadillac Eldorado

Fins reached their zenith on the 1959 Cadillacs. This Cadillac Eldorado Biaritz Convertible was the ultimate space-age car of the 1950s with the highest tail fins ever put on an American production car. Only 1320 of these vehicles, which originally sold for $7401, were produced.


t looks like a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz to me.

Thank you John and are you one of our Vets? If so, thank you.

As for the tail fins.....
The most extreme tailfins appeared in the late 1950s, such as on the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado and the 1959 Chevrolet Impala. The 1959 Cadillac fins looked like jet airplane vertical stabilizers with sharp points and twin bullet-shaped taillights.--------------------I don't believe we will ever see this again in our lifetime.


Nicely said, John. Thanks to all who serve, past, present and future. :)


But I said it more politely.



AHA! I tagged mpp twice, so I WIN! (nice try Juba... but some things should be left to a professional to do... :-)


@morepiecesplz please


Maybe we can plan a covert mission for Seal Team #6 to rescue our mpp??



Wishing all of our brave Veterans, including all levels of law enforcement, a very large THANK YOU! All of us owe you everything... the way we live, the freedom to speak our minds, the houses we live in, the availability of Roquefort cheese and the freedom to travel to far off destinations. Walmart would be run by the government and we would have no choice in the cars we drive. If it weren't for the Veterans we would have no selection in our food stores, we would be told what to think and we never would have had cars with fins... we would be driving government made cars and would have the choice of one or two models... much like the infamous Yugo. So THANKS to all of our Veterans... we owe you all for our freedoms, the right to make choices, cars with fins and the way we live... in short, we owe you everything! THANK YOU!

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