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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Image copyright: Photos Ollie and Sam by Yvonne (Samsammy)
Background copyright:
Other picture: internet
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  1. Grump0:41
  2. Syke0:45
  3. emmandjay0:47
  4. SamSammy0:51
  5. AuntBeba0:59
  6. 19691:01
  7. dianajnelson1:01
  8. Louie11711:05
  9. Pekaji1:06
  10. diane77141:06


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Back atcha!! Thanks for the gorgeous dogs and colorful artistry!!!


Hello Ardy and Nicky, nice to see you both! Hope your furnace is working again by now! Hope you could keep warm. Glad you at least had that small heater! And hope your computer will soon be working again!
Happy you both like the puzzle! Take care, love and a big hug for you both :)))


Beautiful handsome Sam & Ollie, surrounded by such gorgeous Autumnal woodland & creatures. Thanks Yvonne.

Ardy - I hope you are able to keep warm!


Lovely, Yvonne. Thank you. I see you sent me an ecard. I'm having some computer problems and can't seem to open it until I get them fixed. However, Thanksgiving Day is not a time to fix anything!!! Yesterday the furnace quit working. I called and the repair man came but since it's a part that went bad he couldn't get it before tomorrow because of the holiday. I have a small space heater which is going full out here beside me. Love and hug8s ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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