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Finally ....

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  1. Flodder333:13
  2. spaceprintsess3:35
  3. rennico3:48
  4. PLG19583:49
  5. SanDiegoMom4:03
  6. MrsLeslie4:03
  7. 01604:10
  8. jmen4:18
  9. RogerH4:25
  10. realbill14:38


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Headed for the favorite spot ...




The Captain is back where he belongs.


Wow, what a gorgeous day, Morris! So glad you got out on the lake! Thanks for sharing. :)


Thanks, I have bookmarked


I forgot to tell you: Please go to My Puzzles /FW. page 1 has 3 puzzles on My Lake
which kinda looks like your lake as shown above. Start at the bottom at I LOVE BOAT RIDES with the Husky. Next our Grands on High Rock & many others. Thanks, FW


The front seat is waiting for you, GG!!

Someone near and dear to me named her tinker bell, so tinker bell it is!! Maybe you could file for dual citizenship? Stay safe also!!


DID YOU NAME THAT STARCRAFT, YET? Oops! I did not mean to yell.
I've missed you this winter. It was a bummer with Covid . I remember U got your shots as we did. Your lake looks about like ours, except ours is across a Closed Border!
Everyone please call your Governor & Senator about the border. We called ours & they were very kind. Our son & daughter both have places there, so we are all hurting.
I fell like our retirement is withering away as we like winter there, also.
Please stay safe , Morris & Everyone. :)) FW


I'd recognize that boat anywhere! ☺☺


Thanks, anny!


What a gorgeous day Morris !!


Have not done any fishing yet, shirl. Just did a test run today


Looks like you have company on the water, any fish biting, Morris?

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