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Cat shaming series

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Thanks for your support, Molly. :)

Love the eyes. You are right YO. The kitchen table and counter is no place for pets.-----------------Molly

You've been lucky rndixon. Thanks for commenting. :)

We've never had any problems with our cats (and we've had many) jumping on the counters or tables and never had any problems with them tearing up toilet paper. Correction there, just remembered, one of our cats would go on the bathroom counter because he liked to drink from the tap but he never jumped on the kitchen counter.

Have said this before and been accused of torturing cats. If one of ours jumped on the table or counter they got a squirt of compressed air behind them and they jumped down immediately and never went back up. They hate the sound of it.


Taco looks so proud of himself. I'm glad our current cat is a ground kitty. She likes to be up high, but she can't get there on her own.


It's not so much allowing them.... it's giving up on the fight to keep them off. Cats like heights and don't give up as easily as lazy humans.


That's so funny, thanks! BTW - it amazes me how many people allow their cats on the counter tops and kitchen tables...



He is carefully not hatching the egg.

He may well be, PD. Good one! :)

I'm happy to hear that, Indominable. :)

Love this puzzle!!


Taco is a lawyer in a cat costume.

I'm glad you do, Fredde. :)


I really like this one. Thankd YO!

Not sitting as he says. Walking on the counter was not mentioned. ;)


What an obedient cat! The other thing to point out is how similar that egg carton is to a good old fashioned cardboard box.

TY cappy. :)

very good ones again today. thanks enjoy your day.

He should be in the CORNER for walking on the COUNTER, PWH. :)


But he had to walk on the counter to get there. Guess that doesn't count? :)


Now THAT is an attitude!!!

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