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101218 Thoughts Post Hurricane Michael

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My heart, prayers and good thoughts go out to all of you affected by this devilish storm. i hope you are all safe, and were watched over with love and care. To my fellow Floridians in the Panhandle, I hope you took heed and woe the loss of so much beauty. images from several sources.
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Thanks, gogogo - still a ways away, but thought and contemplation need time for something so massive! :)


Best of luck, 6tc and petslave, in finding the better living area which you are each seeking.


Lol, petslave! Michael really scared me, and there was a study done here of what what would happen here. I like the heat but not the humidity, and have suddenly developed allergies, so I'm giving it some thought. No one to tell me "no," so I'm doing a bit of investigating. ;)


I am, gogogo. I've lived here 37 years, but no longer have family here, and am considering alternatives. I like the heat, so...


I want to leave Florida, only because of the heat and humidity. My hubby says NO!!! so I did some research for places to live in Florida, other than where we are now.
charts of the "safest places to live" and "places prone to sink holes" to avoid of course.
never know, one of these days we will have our house finished of remodel and fixing up to sell it and head to an area for us OLD folks. LOL


Are you seriously considering leaving Florida, 6tc?

I was born and raised in Florida and am now 70. I can't really imagine leaving the state at this point in my life, but it's wise to "never say never" these days, I'm learning.


Thanks, Rita and Lena - this was a terrible one, although it didn't affect my area, it has me rethinking Florida as a nice place to live!


I've been watching the news every day, films accident areas. It has been terrible! Was your house safe this time, 6TC?


And let this never happen again and never !!!


Me too, petslave - but we were "brushed," and they were mauled. I can't even imagine the magnitude of the damage there. They remain in my thoughts. So scary, I hope not many decided to "ride it out," - storm surge and winds = horror.


I share your thoughts. I am in Florida but further south. I was hit in my area by hurricane Irma last year. Thankfully only a cat 1 at the time. Only lots of tree damage and no power for almost a week.
no power was the worst of it. Michael was a demon!


That's for sure, cappy - so much destruction and heartache there. They will need months and months, if not years to recover, both from the destruction and the trauma to return and find what they've lost. ♥♥


Thank you, Jason. for joing in, so many of us care. ♥


Yes, irisriver, they certainly all the ♥ they can get.


Thank you, Kirsten. ♥♥


My thoughts and prayers are with all the folks who are affected by Hurricane Michael.

god bless the people their.




My best thoughts, 6TC. Take care. ❤


Thank you gogogo. This has really boggled my mind and my thoughts have been with this for days.


Good puzzle, and kind, caring thoughts, 6tc. Thanks for sharing.

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