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Meet my two 'biggest' friends. ☺

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Obie, at the right is still a pup, he's almost a year now the other one is two. Both weight more than their mum. ☺ They are kind to most dogs but not to some special breeds, I understand because I make a detour if I see such dogs. But they are real big and not afraid for that kind of dogs. Anyway, they are kind to me and my friends but we can't play. ☺
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Waf waf woof dear auntie. Dogs know how to do things like that, it's in their nature and that's good because most people have no idea what to do. But I can imagine that you were scared. You were lucky with Spot, it's really extremely old for a Great Dane. Sweet licks ♥♥♥

Sweet Bella, It is true that Spot lived to be extremely old and I know this for sure because she was born in my kitchen. Spot's mother was my sister's dog, Midget, and I was the only one home when Midget started having puppies. I had never had a dog, didn't know anything about having puppies, and was scared to death. Fortunately, Midget knew what to do, delivered 7 puppies and everything was fine. I fell in love with Spot from the moment she was born. ;-))


Waf waf woof dear auntie. LOL
Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Aunt Linda has me hearing "Mooo"! LOL ;DDD


Waf waf woof dear aunties. Yes they are real big and indeed Dedda I think you are right, I'm sure about their age and I guess they weight much more than they use to weight. But I'm not sure about that. Monkito, you are right about their short life, mum even knows two that only became 5.5 years. Aunt Sharon, that's extremely old for Great Danes. And yes, they are very kind, but mum is happy that I'm much smaller. ☺ I weight 20 kg, 44 lbs.
Sweet licks ♥♥♥

The larger the dog the shorter the life span.


These are called Harlequin Great Danes. Known as gentle giants and also The Heartbreak dog because of their short life expectancy. Right now it sits at 8-10 years but I know of a few that only lived to 6 years.

Sweet Bella, my first dog was a Great Dane and she was indeed a gentle giant. Her name was Spot and she used to love to sit on my lap. I had to sit on the floor for her to do this, but it was fun. She lived to be almost 17 years old and I miss her still.


Amazing dogs they do look like Great Danes, I knew one when I was a child he was a golden one called Marcus when he stood on his hind legs he was as tall as our Dad but a gentle soul lovely friends for you Bella but not play companions♥♥♥


I'm sure they're Great Danes. Even the puppies are very big! Dr. Jan Pol (veterinarian from the Netherlands who has a practice in Michigan) loves the breed and has had several of his own.

If they are the young age you say then may I whisper they look seriously overweight for those young bones.


Wow, they are big!

Bella you have beautiful friends. Thanks for sharing. HUGS. !!!!!!!

Bella, they would be taller than I am.


Waf waf woof dear aunties. No indeed, we cant't play and we don't even try. ☺ They are very strong but behave very well. Tomorrow I will post another photo of them and there you can see that they are leashed in a special way. There is an extra leash around their muzzle. If they do something wrong (yes they have temperament) it makes them easier to correct. Aunties, I think they are Great Danes but I never saw Great Danes this big. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


They're so big, one could almost mistake them for Frisian cows!
I hope they're gentle giants, but you're wise not to play with them, Bella.
Woof woof! ♥♥♥




WOW They sure are big, Bella. Yes, be your friendly self but don't try to play with the "big boys." I'd be afraid to take one for a walk. They must be as well behaved as yo, Bella, for their human to take both of them at once. Thanks, Ank.


It looks like they are Great Danes. They are a gentle breed, but you never know about their temperament.

Bella, you are right, they are to big for you to play with. But you can be friends.


Bella, are your big friends 'Great Danes'? yes you can be friends but because of their size and weight they would not make good playing friends for you. They are beautiful dogs if you want a big dog.


They are true dog giants Bella. I'd be wary of them if I were you too. ☺


One friendly paw on your back - and surely on the back of my Bambi - would break it!
I understand your 'carefullness' completely!
If one of such dogs would not listen, but pull the leash..... would the owner be able to hold such big dogs back I wonder...... beautiful as they may be......

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