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Sam/Sammy - In Loving Memory

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Dear Yvonne, we will miss your Sam. Please know we grieve with you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Love to you and Cor.

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Hi Lynn...I went for my appointment for the hip and knees, it seems the hip procedure I had for the the fluid, though it has helped a little, my hip definitely has to be replaced - the doctor was quite surprised why this procedure was done, because the hip definitely has to be replaced (he actually ex-rayed while I was there to show the damage of the hip)...I am now on a waiting list, hip first and then the knees, but I will have to wait at least 6 or more months - if there is a cancellation, I was told I would be called sooner...who knows...They did give me a lot of great information as to how to deal with this until the surgery, and I will certainly being making use of is what it is, but I will be doing the exercises they provided as it will help in the long run when I will go for the surgery...a little disappointing for sure, but it is what it is..... :)


Lovely memory of Sam. Miss him. Yvonne: knuffel.

So many beautiful flowers together, thanks for sharing


Hi Andie - thank you for your nice comment. I hope Yvonne returns soon. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Lynn


Thank you, Jarka. This is our deck. The way the house is built in the back it is 2nd story. So from the kitchen (which is in the back) we have the deck and it looks into the back yard. I am glad you like the tribute to Sam.
The photograph books will be beautiful. Are these the pictures you took on your holiday? I've heard about the heat you are experiencing. It is too hot to do anything. I hope you stay indoors with Felix and try to stay cool. How is Piskotek? And, how is that handsome Bob? He must have been jumping for joy when you returned from the holiday. You have a nice family with the addition of Felix. I will say some prayers that you get some rain. Hugs, my friend.


Puzzle G - you are very welcome. I think we all miss Yvonne and her beautiful Sam.


How lovely of you Lynn, Yvonne will be so pleased when she sees it.
Thanks for sharing this gorgeous picture of your patio in memory of him.


Lynn, it's a nice memory of Sam. Thank you.
It's your patio? Is very pretty.
I was not on Jigidi long. I did nine photos books for Their children and grandchildren. I am the process many photographs. I have of Them Used in the books Exactly 1,567 photos. We have bad weather. Is very hot and I do not well. It has to last Until the end of the month. It's scary. Trees have a lot of fruits and terrible drought destroys everything. Watering churns are not enough. It Would Be need the rain. I greet J.


This is beautiful Lynn. Thank you for this lovely tribute to Yvonne's (& our) dear friend Sam. ~ Gina

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