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400 pieces
260 solves
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  1. hsinotte28:16
  2. artsy35730:27
  3. drTJ30:58
  4. nino31:12
  5. bluemucl34:41
  6. krispindl34:59
  7. irjeni35:22
  8. ilmyshiba35:22
  9. unwrought35:25
  10. troutmma37:29


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WOW Don't know when I've solved one this large, Raven. I enjoyed every size and worked my way up. I did one of Josie's that way awhile back. Sure loved doing it. The patterns were so bright and different, that I could pull the pieces together without it being too hard on these old eyes. Even so, it took 59:18, but I was happy for an hour, that's for sure. Thanks.

fun puzzle, great patterns, thanks


Loved it Raven, especially with all those purples. Thanks.


Thank you, Raven! I need a puzzle like that today...


I loved this, Raven. Thank you:)

Very enjoyable, thanks.

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