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It's Nice to be in the Middle

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Practicing getting my patterns centered...
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  1. mags1791:02
  2. Monkito1:15
  3. SlowForFun1:19
  4. JSutt1:23
  5. amazonia1:31
  6. tpmb1:34
  7. Peddy1:42
  8. Beej1:47
  9. RandomWorship1:47
  10. sue12:02


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Audrey and Kirsten, sorry I missed you (had company - oh does company ever get in the way of Jigidi!!) Haha. I've been using everyone's advice to such a degree that I feel there are a host of ghosts hiding in here; the texture coach, the enhanced color coach, the centering coach, the kaleider coach. But really the only one hiding was the wiz (in one of your favorite squares Audrey). Thanks, both of you, for your very kind comments. ♥


I really love this puzzle, Nadine! The patterns and the colours are lovely. Thanks! (•‿•)

What a lovely set .my favourites were easy winners for once the fourth row down extreme right, and the top row end one on the left, two real beauties . This is when I wish I was looking at them on a wall mounted TvScreen instead of my I Pad. Thanks Audrey T


Sandi, I believe very, very few people found the wiz today. He was especially nasty and hid himself without a drop shadow. Mwahahahah. Good for you...♥

Maddie, you're just like me. Every move I made to center those patterns was a wrong one until I finally wised up and did some math. I could have called this puzzle 'Delete 101'. I'm glad you made it through. Ya did good! ♥

Hi Jill. I was happy with myself for figuring out the centering (actually Char told me how ages ago but I've never been able to understand until now). Maybe the puzzles will start looking a little more polished (there certainly is a lot to learn - I admire your skill more and more as time goes on. ) ♥


Another gorgeous creation! Thanks, Nadine :)


I think this one is extremely beautiful, but also hard to solve... I don't know why, but every move I made, was the wrong one.. But once it was done, and it turned big........ WOW !!!!! Thanks Nadine :-)


Lovely Nadine! The textures are very pretty and the designs are bright and cheerful. I think my favourite is actually the one that sneaky little Wizard is hiding in! Thanks

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