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Had a little trouble getting through the cat door

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The cat needs to lose some weight, or the owner to make a bigger cat trap door! This photo is so funny..I bet the cat is swearing at the photographer! Marina

It was worth posting them then, Molly. TY. :)

Four good ones. I enjoyed all of them.---------Molly

Thanks, Wendy. He/she is a bit fluffy. :)


Great photos this morning. This guy had better shed a couple of pounds. So funny...........Wendy

That little door at the bottom, PD? How you going to get that collar through?...and on your hands and knees? Just very, very careful...Sherry :)))

Onward to the food bowl, Pammi. :)

Nice contrast with her white fur, Mrgoodboy. Very attractive belt. :)

Glad to hear that, PD. :)


I'm a Capricorn, but DO still fit through doors okay! :o)

Likes it so much she took it with her .


Yep, definitely born under the sign of Capricorn - never give in and never give up. ☺☺☺




Yes, sandrine, she made it outside. :)

Sherry, looks like a tight belt alright. :)

Think you are correct, 6tc. Posture seems to say that. :)

And a tight one, PD. :)

Good guess, Returner. Where's the mallet? :)

Diet is a good idea for her, Apiary and Heidi, though she probably won't appreciate it. :)

Val, if the human locked the door, they deserve to have to fix it. :)


Wonder if it was locked and the extra heave caused this to happen!


This picture isn't my Vanner. He's the sire of Whimsey and Pandora.


Your new Vanner is a beauty, Heidi!


Diet AND install a larger pet door.


Yup, diet time!


At first glance, I thought the cat had been playing croquet.


It's a trebdy new belt!


Poor thing, it's so embarrassed. :(

Lucky still breathing... Sherry :)))


But she was determined!



I hope you enjoy the diet food...

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