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Postman Pat’s?

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Built in 1914, influenced by the Arts and Craft movement, as the Post Office, which it served as for 80 years. In recent years, the building has housed Akaroa’s Council Service Centre and the town’s information centre. It has been a focus of community life in Akaroa for more than 100 years.
NZ. May 2022
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It’s not a norm for here Janet, thanks and guys to you


What an unusual building thanks Jill. Hugs to you. ♥


@Jaklien 3 years older is not ‘many’ at all! 😄


Oh yes, I'm still enjoying !
Meanwhile, many years older than you ;-)


You are right Jaklien, not a common sight here. Glad you enjoyed it thank you. Also glad you had a great birthday 😄❤️


What a gorgeous building! Exactly not a typical New Zealand building, or am I wrong?


Lea, thanks my friend glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks Val, hope your weekend has been a good one 🤗


Michelle you are so sweet, thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Hugs ❤️


Thanks Jill for the very interesting information.


Wonderful photograph thank you Jill ☺♥


What a beautiful photo and puzzle - Jill I honestly think you should turn hubbies photos into postcards promoting your country ♥♥♥♥♥


Thank you daasha, trust your weekend is a pleasant one also. ❣️


Thanks Lynette it is an interesting building. 😊

Great it still being well used Nev, thanks ❤️

Bound to be somewhere Janet :)) yes there are a wide variety of palms, some very hardy. Thanks

The red and white box outside this building is for posting letters but they do also have a postal service within another shop Dobra so all good. 😊

Jill, it's a very nice building and has found a good job. Thanks and have a nice weekend. ♥♥♥


And they don't have mail at all?


Is there a black and white cat lol? Lovely building. Interesting comments about palm trees. I have noticed them more around here in north west England in recent years and that was unheard of 30+ years ago. Don't know if that is gobal warming or just a more hardy type of palms.


Beautifully maintained Jill, and a real credit to Akaroa. ♥♥♥


It’s great that the building is still being used and it’s very attractive as well Jillian 😊🌻


Your Excellency, thank you glad you enjoyed it and knocked me from my perch lol


Another attractive building Lady Jillian ideal for a second class mail cheers mate....B


Patti that’s great, really glad you enjoyed it. I prefer our lovely blue sky but this was a drizzle day. Thanks for your lovely comment.


I really like it too Suzy. We have lots of palm trees and they grow huge here but I totally understand them not being associated with NZ as we more think of them on tropical islands. They love our temperate climate as well. Thanks


Love the colors in this photo -- the colors of the building against the cloudy sky. Makes a great puzzle. Thanks Jillian!


It's nice to read that old buildings continue to be used-it's a piece of art! The palm trees caught my eye -- I don't associate NZ with palm trees for some reason. :)


Jerry it had a lot of strengthening work done to it post our earthquakes and they painted it the historical colours. Yes you are right Jerry as this building is over the road from the bank. The garden has many beautiful roses in it. Thank you


@JillianB A great A&C example! Its a tribute to the community that such buildings are still in use. Thanks, Jill.

Is that structure to the right in the Memorial Garden you mentioned in a previous puzzle?

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