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Seal is a 'weather rock'

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Remember that gag gift from a while back called a weather rock? If it is wet, then it's raining, if it moves by itself, then it's windy. If it's snow covered, then it's snowing.


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Yup. Dusty's got it all figured out. :o)


And here I get a tad disgruntled if my dogs wake me up at 4:00 in the morning. (Can't get mad at them, it's not their fault.) I've tried to teach Dusty to tell time, but he never quite "got it'" Although, he WILL tell me the temperature outside! If he "goes" in less than 30 seconds, it's cold out....if he takes two minutes, it's warm out.

Dusty's Mom : )




Those eye markings are required for the breed, Val. Seal was born totally black, but started getting the "spectacle markings" at a few days of age. I call him my Spook Face because I swear his specs almost glow in the dark.


Ellen he is gorgeous love those eyes☺♥


A chuckle to thurman!


The nice thing about knowing at 1:00 AM that it is going to snow the next day (Seal) is that you can now prepare for the drive !!...


Of the 13 puppies sired by my beloved Putter, Seal has the gorgeous face that is closest to his Daddy's. He utterly stole my heart.

Puzzle solving at midnight would rev me up, not help me sleep. I hope it worked for you, Maddy.


Love this photo....Love the expression in the face.


Can’t sleep, solving puzzles at midnight.


I have told him many times that he's lucky he's so cute because otherwise I'd have done him in a long time ago. (Actually, it's his big brother Green that starts the hollering to get me up.)

Thanks, cappy.


LOL Clever Seal :))

Very cute looking dog, Thank you Ellen, enjoy the rest of your day.


Yes, Lorna. I went to bed at 10:00 PM, but they insisted that I let them out and feed them at 12:57 AM. I love them, BUT................!


What an accurate weather prognosticator.


Clever Seal! But 1:00 AM?


Seal was predicting snow at 1:00 AM today.