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N. 158 (or 30) in Prague

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Everything about this puzzle is beautiful to us - there is such a lovely worn-in feel about all elements in this image. And the warmth of the colours draws us in. Would you come in for a cup of coffee? We surely would ♥

The photograph is from Prague, the capital of the Chezch Republic. We’ve previously visited Prague in a Daily Puzzle. You can see that jigsaw puzzle here, where you’ll also find more information about this gem in Europe.
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  1. willd4:45
  2. knittwitch4:49
  3. Marodeur5:08
  4. txangel1975:29
  5. Rgarr5:29
  6. spotto5:29
  7. senrabyar5:36
  8. sorenvesterlund5:39
  9. Jettan5:55
  10. Ibis1176:23


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IIRC from my time in Prague, the 30 enumerates what district of the city it's in, sort of like a ZIP code in the U.S.

Love the cobblestone effect in the sidewalk.


Thank you :)


I suppose, 158 is the nr. of the building in town. 30 is the housenr. in the street. It`s still done like this here, where I live: each building got a number and seperate from this an adress: street and number.
In medeaval times, houses in town got names, still used as an adress nowadays.


I would love to come in for coffee. Thank you.

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