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Text of picture speaks for itself

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Thanks Gail for your visit and comment.


Those photos helped, Sue. I think it is easier to imagine when you think of an airplane directly overhead and that you're looking straight down at the camels.


Thanks for your visit and comment, Patti, Janet and Jo


amazing. thank you willy.


That was fascinating but hard to get your mind around. Thanks and hugs Willy.


FABULOUS! Thanks, Ladywil!


Much clearer on the 2 links. Thanks Sue.


This link or the one below should give you some more images. You might be able to see one of them more clearly.


Google National+Geographic+Photo+of+Camels+and+Shadows


Thanks Barb for your visit and comment.


Fabulous photo but like you said, I too was not able to see the real animals. Thank you very much for posting it, Willy :)


Thanks for your visit and comment, suredreamsalot


When I first glanced at this I thought it was ants walking on skin. Then I clicked on it and I thought the shadows were the camels until I read the caption. It is truly a great picture.


Thanks sue, for your visit and comment.


I had seen it on NG's site (or in the magazine, I forget which). There was a whole series of photos that they had chosen as the best in different categories. Fabulous - all of them. This was one of the most interesting, for sure. Hadn't thought about it in ages, it's not brand new. Their photography contests/winners are always amazing. Florida Wildlife Magazine (now defunct) used to run photography contests and I loved seeing the best of them published in the magazine.


Thanks Diane and Gail.
Gail it is hard to see. I enlarged the puzzle, but it is not enough. Then I looked with the magnifier and it is still hard to see the real animal. You can see that it is a shadow, but the real animal is still not clear.


Willy, I can almost see what the caption is talking about. I wish I could have enlarged it even more than my monitor will allow. It IS a striking photo. Thanks.


Correct. Very awesome photo ! TFS.

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