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Probably More than a Hundred years ago

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  1. thedizzyweasel3:22
  2. Gremlin735:03
  3. Budrox5:19
  4. stoneybear5:42
  5. stiggy5:52
  6. bob19575:54
  7. IJWS155:57
  8. Lantsy6:02
  9. Ceefercat6:26
  10. av3616:29


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I'd say massive wheels - probably 28-30" diameter. Plus, 100 years ago, people were shorter, so she may be struggling to hit 5'-2"

are they massive wheels or is she very short


The bike was under repair and the young lady was one of the rare polydactyls.

This young lady would have been ostracized during that era.


Probably AI generated. I did a google image search and nothing came up. :>))

There's no chain or belt to the rear wheel either.


@Ceefercat Strange bike. At first I thought it was an early 1900s Curtiss, but something doesn’t add up. Curtiss motors had those weird handlebars that came almost straight back and didn’t look like they would work let alone be safe. The suspension should be a giveaway but even that is almost like a Curtiss but not quite.

I think this may be AI generated, too many fingers on her right hand.

Still trying to work out where the handlebars have gone.


Hot chicks & motorcycles.


She was attractive then. Probably not so much now.

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