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80 pieces
26 solves
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  1. BrianC4:43
  2. win996:34
  3. libbies37:23
  4. Merry7:42
  5. tstreet758:28
  6. sherlie0810:19
  7. bevperry10:59
  8. franske311:29
  9. Joreneg11:31
  10. jlou15:27


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Hello dear daphne,

You visited me awhile back and you never left a hello! I have wondered
how you are doing, hope all is going well with you.

I have been having some health problems, so frustrating. I will be 78 in
December, and I can feel every bit of it.

It is so nice to know that you are still active on Jigidi. Let me know what
is going on with you.

Hugs Dollcollector/Bibliophile and jlou (I have forgotten the password for that one)


Hello! daphne,
Maybe I should come visit you more often, I got on the Leaderboard! Ha!
I had a problem with the clown's hair for some reason, or else it could
be that I am getting sleepy, it is almost 5 pm. I just bathed Maggie, she
is a black Scotty. She wakes me up to early most mornings and I start
getting drowsy, about this time. This was a most colorful puzzle.
Hugs! jlou


Hospital Clown SsizzZ, her name is "short for sizzle because she is a Hottie"

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