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  1. like921150:56
  2. marol1:02
  3. kilfinan1:06
  4. Sylvia11:09
  5. wigma1:10
  6. Surreal_Heidi1:11
  7. paulinee1:21
  8. storm9241:24
  9. SusanB1:24
  10. nelvdven1:25


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Cheeky Monkey!


Cool idea Heidi, think I'll think about trying it maybe.


Here we have an example of the new Sea Gull diet. Walk outside with each morsel and the Gulls will snatch it from you, hereby preventing you from gaining weight.


Right, smllpkg and granny, then the parents snap a few pics while their child starts screaming in fear. Those darn birds will eat all day every day every moment, and they now have no fear of us.


This is survival of the fittest. Gulls will end up ruling the world if people don't wise up.


And the fools that try to get the gulls to take the food from their fingers.....Those razor sharp beaks can open a finger to the bone and yet, when we lived in Corpus Christi, I've seen mothers and dads letting their toddlers try....


Yep! I can't count how many times I've had to move from my spot on the beach because some kids have decided to feed the gulls. Within minutes, two or three has turned into forty or fifty hungry birds.


I know just what you mean, Higgie. LOL We live in Florida, on the east coast, and we have fun watching the tourists feed those rascals a few morsels, then they think it's all over....but NOOOO, pretty soon they are attacked, bombarded, lambasted and shat upon. Then there are the idjits that try to feed the 'gators.


Oh My! What a picture. How did you catch it at the exact right time? Thanks Bonniejack!

At the San Francisco Zoo, on a rainy day we could not eat our hamburgers and French fries outside. We had to coward in the corner of a souvenir shop away from the Seagulls. They would take the food from us as we were putting it in our mouths...just like this poor man.

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