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Vintage Gas Pump

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  1. DarcyB3:47
  2. Carol664:02
  3. tonyhagert4:11
  4. delanee4:23
  5. towhee4:28
  6. puzzledgirl4:32
  7. 4811104:34
  8. gordyp534:58
  9. thearchies5:03
  10. diversid5:04


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Interesting gas pump...thanks for sharing.


OMG you make me laugh. I use the old lady card whenever I can get away with it!


Me too TG. I have tremors and have no problem having the people at the station I use coming out to pump the gas for me. Strikes terror in their hearts when they see the shaky hands wielding the gas nozzle! (Ha, playing the old age card again.) ;)


I don't know about you, but I hate to pump my own gas lol


Ah, the good old days! Remember when the nice man would pump your gas, check the oil and tire pressure and then give you a free glass or towel or green stamps for gassing up? :)

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