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Obvious sign that humanity is regressing...

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  1. Robbos2:15
  2. JUNKMAN2:25
  3. jimbos2:25
  4. holica2:32
  5. rfscudder2:42
  6. boob2:50
  7. tahoemonk3:00
  8. Binkydo3:25
  9. ctf3213:34
  10. sammysmom3:36


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Hi Donna!! Thank you...and I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Do you have a big family to cook for? I will start my cooking on Wednesday. My two daughters come over and we have a "stirring and tasting" time making the dressing and cooking desserts. Then on Thanksgiving Day everyone comes here to eat. This year three of our family won't be here. My granddaughter and her husband won't be here because she is expecting her baby and can't travel 30 days before it's due date, which is Dec. 18th. And one grandson lives in California, but he will be home for Christmas. You have a great week too dear friend!


Hi, Dottie. Just in case I don't get a chance to talk to you before Thanksgiving, I want to wish you and your family a beautiful and blessed one. I hope you have lots of help with the meal, cooking and eating it. :-)) It looks as if it may be cool that day but who knows, the weather changes every day. I just hope it is cool and not hot like it is sometimes. Thanksgiving should be cool. (ha) Good wishes for a great week next week and I'll "see" you soon.


Thanks, Haney!


Love it, Dottie. Haney :-)


Hahaha!! Yes, that 2 inch fall could really hurt someone!! Thanks for the funny, Donna! Hope you have a good rest of the week too. Hugs right back to you!!


Unreal that people have to tell people that the sidewalk ends here. DUH!!! Our world is just not the way it was many years ago. I wish there could be peace everywhere, in every country and, especially ours. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We might have walked off the end of that sidewalk and fell 2 inches. (ha) Enjoyed talking with you today, my friend. Have a great remainder of the week and a wonderful weekend. Until next time, hugs!


You're right, Judy!


Our nation needs much prayer, Dottie!


I so much agree, Judy!! :)


Lawsuits. I'm wondering how much better off we'd all be if they would throw the frivolous suits out of court.

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