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Boring puzzle of the night, Spots

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We see these sometimes after painting. It may be glue residue, poster adhesive or more commonly "we have absolutely no idea"? Most of the time they will "dry in" after a little more time for the paint to dry. Have fun, Dclo
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  1. mble1119111:11
  2. Dclo1:17
  3. Jitule551:24
  4. kenb1:27
  5. Pawsey1:48
  6. gordo282:14
  7. Zuzka432:32
  8. Jdeimus2:39
  9. ginadmaus3:22


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Silly, I was on the other puzzle while you were here... we keep missing each other.


Little bit off of the mark tonight here Merrie? Referring to "College crud". He he heee


Way to move move move Merrie! I've seen you beat me before btw and more btw there will be a payback awaiting you! You stay up too late w/ yet more btw. At lunch later M, D

Me too, Suredreams. They make me smile to realize how we can be 'in tune' with our world sometimes. Have a good night! (or morning, depending where you are) --Merrie


Coincidences are fun. I love to spot them when I can.

Woo Hoo, D, I finally got past you on a puzzle! How crazy, my time is the same as the hour right now...One eleven am. --M


The oil in the glue or grease doesn't allow the water based/latex paint to soak into the existing paint as quickly so the drying time increases. This is what gives it the shine, it's still wet. It "dried in" out of sight like an hr later. You're a good player, get on in here! Thanks SDalot, Dave


At first I thought I was looking at those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Now I see my first assumption was wrong. Perhaps it needs another coat of paint.

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