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Jelly Bean Treats! Happy Halloween!

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  1. mommaj0573:17
  2. jltolsma3:22
  3. Kate993:56
  4. Dohun4:18
  5. sandiegogirl4:58
  6. Albis5:02
  7. krkarnes5:06
  8. arlapuz5:24
  9. RandomWorship5:41
  10. MikeRita5:47


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Kirsten - - I SAW YOU STEAL IT. Luckily, I would have given it to you for the asking! LOL. Have fun on your vaca!


I don't know what I like more on your puzzles, Jan. The kaleidos or the comments. You throw the best parties!! LOL

Oh, and I'm making off with the middle right. Shhhhh. LOL


Pat - I'm glad you had fun!!! I'm just testing a new look for November, avatar-wise!


You changed your avatar. Love it


To slow for the board but had fun solving


Mariasha - as we would say in THIS family "Ah, you're not THAT old!" LOL

Dagmar, these poor kaleidos have been nibbled on, had a few pieces stolen outright and......I saw someone licking them and leaving them there!!! (you know who you are, Hester!)


Oh, yes! Sweeties! Baad Hester is back! :-)


Hmmmmmm jelly beans, I tried to pry them out without making too big a mess of the kaleidos, I hope I won't show too much. :))

Thanks for a very sweet fun in my nighttime. :))

no...although I am an old "bat".


Thanks so much, Barb!

Mariasha - cute little rhyme! Are you dressing up today!

Graciela - you could be my cousin - the slightly naughty one - but I love it!

Hanne - What a great idea! and the older ones get apples or carrots!! LOL

Ardy - I was trying to hide them from don't want a black tongue, do you! Maggie will return - as always!


Found the black ones you hid around the edge of the middle one. But I won't touch them. :-( Your avatars are definitely in the spirit of things today. But Maggie had better return to her smiling self on the stroke of midnight.
All in fun, of course. Thanks for the fun.


Give them to the kids coming around especially the small ones who have to change their teeth anyway!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Love your avatar JB!

Eenie meenie, jelly beanie...Happy Halloween Jan, you've helped make it a sweet one...thanks.


And a Happy Halloween to you too, Jan! :-)


Barb - Grab them by the handfuls! I'm done with sweets for a while!! Happy Halloween to you!!


Jan, my dentist would love you handing out all these sweets to people like me who have a sweet tooth. Thanks for the Halloween goodies! :-)

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