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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra ~ April 4 2015

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During eclipse season, inevitably feelings surface from the deep, equaling unresolved emotions that you were unaware still existed. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra squares Pluto this coming Saturday, April 4. The direct impact in your personal life will be linked with the degree of inner resistance you may have relative to your evolutionary growth, as well as the nature of the planetary contacts aspecting your personal chart.

This coming eclipse and the energetic window we currently find ourselves traveling through, signifies ending and beginnings across the board, in relationships as well as in career. It will clearly show you what has run its course, what is up for review, and what is meant to be carried forward, ever onward. Peaking emotional intensity will exist, whether within yourself or coming at you from another, and it can feel to shoot straight out of the clear blue, especially if someone else feels they are not getting what they need.

Welcome to the cosmic tuning fork. May it bring your life back into better balance!

~Kristin Fontana
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  1. patoub816:38
  2. FondOfSky7:36
  3. deepdub7:54
  4. LibertyBell8:06
  5. Colleen5011:32
  6. Vivre12:25
  7. Harleygirl5412:49
  8. loniannray15:54
  9. raecarol818:37
  10. kprdj524:15


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How beautiful!

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