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Tiger in the office!
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  1. carrps14:58
  2. dukerdor15:22
  3. Talana16:58
  4. corkybaby117:05
  5. pholmes19:23
  6. DaSlacker20:48
  7. Karenhub21:54
  8. kush1926:53
  9. renneasie28:40
  10. jojo5334:37


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Thank you, beyondwords. Yes, I miss the Vets office, but it was time for me to retire. I loved my co-workers and the Docs. We had wonderful clients, many of whom became friends. They had precious dogs and cats, as well as a few others! The wildlife rescues included opossums, fawns, baby wild pigs, otters, armadillos, raccoons, rabbits & squirrels. Most required round the clock care, so they were in the office during the day, and at home with the Vet and his family at night. The tigers, and a lion cub or two, we rescued by the state of Florida from owners who had them illegally, or were mistreating them. It was never dull in that office!

Glad to see this photo of Tigger. So sorry to hear of his fate.
Do you miss working for the vets office?
Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe new year. -Patsy


We fostered a few at the Vets office I worked for. They spent the days in the receptionist's office so they would become "socialized." That meant we got to bottle feed them, play with them & cuddle them. This one was Tigger. He was my favorite. I knew it was him because the whiskers on his left side pointed the wrong way! He went to a rescue, but I remember he died in an accident there. Don't know the details. :(

I so want one! Lovely kitty!

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