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Warped Weft and Wefted Warp Weave

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108 pieces
384 solves
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Not a title to say in haste ☺
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  1. KinnyB7:37
  2. Marodeur7:40
  3. Benazir8:36
  4. jlovermyer8:36
  5. Wen688:52
  6. foxymoron8:58
  7. jigia9:00
  8. Bididi9:15
  9. Violakeeper10:16
  10. gwendia10:17


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Deb, you just had to add more tongue tying words, didn't you!
(I expect no less from you LOL)
Thanks, buddy for adding to the fun ☺


Dearest Sweetpea, flailing was not the desired outcome for this wefty/warpy one.
A mild challenge, a few mumbles or grumbles and slight confusion? Yes, but never flailing! Smug smiles are fitting after all the infamous flailing ☺☺ Consider yourself gonged with a big fat gold medal!
Mega hugs and much love from us both ♥ ♥


Thanks, Judy - that's jals Judy, I mean. Two Judys on one puzzle - how good is that! :-)


Joey, welcome to the WMC! You fit in right well -:))


Thanks, Judy! It was a bit of a challenge -:))


Shucky darn, I missed your moment in the sun, mate! No worries though as you're a number one friend all the time ☺
Thanks, Shirley ♥ ♥


Jill, Jill... it is tough to write with tears in the eyes... you, my precious amiga are uniquely you! I wouldn't trade you for quids!
As one of the founder members of the 2010 WMC (Warped Minds Club for those newer around here) you are a fine example of what it is to be truly warped and even possibly wefted! Thank you for your wonderfully welcome words ♥ ♥


Thanks, dudi :-))


Thank you, KK ☺


What a wicked weave you wove Chrissy!!!! LOL Thanks Deb


Chrissie, you outfoxed this tops turvy brain of mine, dear friend. I was flailing around until I finally, through sheer stubbornness, got enough pieces connected to give me a few clues, and then I developed a most welcomed rhythm. You should see the smug smile I’m wearing; my teensy tiny annoyance turned into a victory dance, so thanks for the workout that led to a huge sense of accomplishment. I think you should hand out awards/ medals upon competition. Love to you both.


Very fun! Thanks Chrissie!


Warped minds, I guess I can join the gang, too funny, lol


Absolutely love this puzzle! Thanks :))


Look quick, I'm hanging on the bottom warp with my time of 12:22 :)) lots of fun Chrissie, Thank you. :):)


Warped minds weave warped weft and wefted warp weave, dear one! How can one assess the difficulty level of a puzzle.....when one has difficulty putting together the edge pieces. I do believe it took me your 8:59 just to assemble the edges, the frame, so to speak. I figured that would ease the solving. Well, I figured wrong. This was one tough booger bear!! Tough as it was, it gave me great satisfaction to finally get into the flow of the solve and to then behold the completed puzzle! I loved it! Thanks, Chrissie , for this incredible puzzle!

Fun and pretty!!


Thanks foxymoron. A great puzzle.


Thanks, bearlypen. Tricky was my aim - seems it worked so far!
See you on the board too :-)


Too right, Joey. See you on the board, buddy :-)


Thanks, Mumbo!
Tricky is good :-)

Fun puzzle, yes tricky and a good challenge, thanks


Yes, kinda tricky, thanks Foxy

Absolutely marvelous! Kinda tricky too, Loved it!

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