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Diamond Flakes

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  1. hnail6:32
  2. serenity7:15
  3. willievdh7:20
  4. SewingSally7:33
  5. Jetty237:45
  6. rmarshak7:46
  7. Miff7:51
  8. anitalk18:12
  9. mylos8:13
  10. annmc8:50


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I'm afraid the 'program' only does what I coerce it into doing. It's quite challenging to come up with something new or different Sonya, but I'm so glad you're enjoying them. (PS Mom's all better now). ♥


My arm is tired! Whee.. I quess I am past Christmas 2015! However, l like "Christmas". Found wiz very easy this time! Your program must have many ideas to create! Wow ❤️


20 inches of snow!! That sounds wicked! It's brown outside our house - a chinook came through a day ago and took all the snow with it...♥


What a beauty! Still a bit slow.


Oh, I love the colors. I'm gonna do this one before starting my day which will include shoveling 20+ inches of snow. At least the sun is shining and the plow did clear our hilly street. Now to get through the mounds between me and the cleared street.

Very lovely puzzle! I enjoyed the intricate patterns! Thanks so much!


I'm glad you enjoyed it Shirley, and it's nice to see a new face. Merry Christmas ...♥Nadine

A great puzzle to do lots of fun keep them coming.Shirley Argue B.C.


Hi Daffy. The view out our window is all white now and we're shoveling the walks again so we'll have a white Christmas this year too. I believe I heard the east is having a global warming Christmas hahaha!
I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle today. It's my argyle template but argyle just didn't look right with Christmas it morphed! hehe Hope you have a lovely Christmas...♥


Thanks 1051956 ....I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for stopping by...♥Nadine


What a treat! Lovely colors and patterns with a glossy finish. All these would make great Christmas wrapping paper. The Wiz is getting quite bold lately. Drifting snow here overnight and more coming down this morning. The view out the window is mostly white, so your colorful puzzle was a welcome present this morning.

Very pretty well done

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