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Playing Thru

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Up to the tee box on the 4th, whoops! Rather a large family playing thru. Mom & Dad having a tough time keeping the brood together this morning and they take a while to clear the tee. Rather like my golf shot.
June 10, 2020
Quail Creek, Arizona
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  1. Robbos1:02
  2. goingsilver1:23
  3. wshealy1:29
  4. canoekaw1:43
  5. alias2v1:47
  6. Berroye1:50
  7. ekopug11:52
  8. Toto1:59
  9. Raaike2:04
  10. Beekay2:08


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Beekay, I have learned something new in my few months here. The adults seem to like the company of their mate as your rarely see just one quail, always a mated pair. And, like the local rabbits, they are exceeding prolific - lots and lots of babies in lots and lots of coveys.


Taking the little ones out for a stroll☺ Super cute!


Come to think of it, Marilyn, I haven't seen an immigrant Canadian goose since we moved here. These guys are just as cute as cute can be. Enjoy your weekend, Kate.


Oh Wow, Those are not geese.


They are closely watched, Raaike. They are preyed on by many of the desert inhabitants.

Lorna, luckily, I had my normal camera with me (I got tired of missing shots with my cell phone), so I was able to rip off about 8 shots really quickly. This was my favorite of the lot.


Love it! Keeping that lot in order would take some doing I suspect, but perhaps they were simply wanting to allow you plenty of time to prepare for your shot!


The little ones are closely watched by the parents. :-))))) ♥

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