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Happy birthday, Chrissie (Foxymoron)

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Thank you, Chrissie, for all the enjoyment you bring into my life with your imaginative and delightful puzzles. I love reading your comments and replies. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for letting me play with your puzzles. ♥
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Thanks Faye and Elizabeth for adding your greetings. Merry Christmas to you.


Merry Christmas, Chrissie and Happy Day After!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your holly. I hope you had a wonderful birthday with an even better year to follow.


Chrissie, what a good friend you are, you draw the fondness of others.
Ardy, this is such a pretty puzzle and a lovely message for Chrissie!!


Awww... thanks, Fay... you're a sweetheart :-)

And that other computer better know that too!


A very Happy Birthday, Chrissie...and many more!

P.S. I am on my sister's computer and it doesn't like me very much so, I can't send hearts and music, but I will send a hug and a kiss! XO


Ardy dear, you bring enjoyment to my life too (and to many others) with your sweet gentle nature and delightful collages. Now you bring more enjoyment and heart-warming pleasure with this wonderful birthday greeting. Thank you :-))

Thanks too to all you lovely friends who joined Ardy with your wishes. You warm my heart too :-)


Thanks, Barb and Pat, for stopping by to wish Chrissie a happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Chrissie, hope you a wonderful day & a healthy & happy year.
Pretty card Ardy.


Happy Birthday again, Chrissie, hope it is a great one :)

Lovely card Ardy, thank you :)


Thanks Barb and snackerdoo. It's way too early for Chrissie to be up but I hope she'll be around some time today.

another birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper


Pretty card, Ardy.
Happy Birthday again, Chrissie! :-)

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