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Marvelous Millie!

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This is my friend's dog, Millie. My friend took her to the vet recently for her annual checkup, though it had been more than a year since the last visit because of covid. Millie was fine, walking a few miles every day and acting totally normal. Imagine her shock when the vet found something wrong with Millie's lungs, and drained a liter and a half of fluid from the sac around them. He told her Millie was terminally ill and someone from the vet's office would go to the house to euthanize her when she got worse. I told Millie she can't die; I just bought her a new box of Milk Bones. I take a few over when I visit once or twice a month. I've been over every two or three days since the diagnosis, taking six small Milk Bones each time. So far Millie is doing fine, not a sign of being sick. I hope she's the miracle patient that proves the vet wrong!
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Good for her!


Hanging in there. She refuses to quit or even acknowledge the cancer. I can see it's starting to get to her, but she says she still has a lot of living to do.


You're right, Heidi. How is your collie?


She'll let everybody know when she's ready to go. The greatest demonstration of real love we can give our fur babies is to help them at the end by preventing them from suffering, and being with them to reassure them of your love. I always hold them in my lap, no matter how big they are, hug them and reassure them how much I love them while the Vet gently eases them into their final sleep. A fear-free end to a much loved life. Putting their welfare above out own heartache is true love.


Thanks, mother. Unfortunately, her vet visit two days ago shows the water building up around her lungs again. The vet says that when she starts coughing, showing she's having trouble breathing, it will be time to let her go. So my friend is giving her lots of car rides and short walks in the flat part of the neighborhood park and I visit every few days to make a fuss over her and give her dried salmon treats. She is still feeling okay and happy with life.

I hope so because she's a beautiful girl!


I saw Millie this morning and she is still doing okay.

SO happy for you! Millie looks like a lovely happy dog.


Thanks, Tea!


. . . Hoping with you and your friend that Millie is the miracle patient!


Good luck to you and your dog, Heidi. Enjoying life is what's important.


I'm presently dealing with a beloved Collie who has both bone cancer and lung cancer. We're keeping her as comfortable as possible as long as we can. She'll tell me when it's time. Right now, she's still enjoying life.


Thanks, Heidi! So far she is happy and feeling fine.


As long as she has a good quality of life, enjoy her. I'm glad your friend is forwarned and will be able to keep her comfortable as long as possible.


Thanks, Morejunk!

Love ad caring are amazing medicines. May their time together however long or short be good time.


Thanks, Sharon. Millie is a sweetheart. It took her ages to warm up to me, although dogs usually like me. I would meet them on the trail and Millie would bark and bark. They were often with another walker and his dog, who adored me. One day a light switch went off in Millie's head: "I'm barking at this woman and Hula (the other dog) is getting all the petting. Hmmmm..." She came up to be petted and has been my friend ever since. She was even happy to go hike with me when my friend broke her arm and couldn't walk her very far. Millie would hop into my car like she had been doing it forever.


She looks like a sweet, happy dog. Your friend must be giving her excellent care to have Millie doing so well even with that fluid build up. I am sorry Millie, your friend and you (you obviously care about Millie) are going through this.


Millie is 12, Jacki, and based on her size and general good health should live to 15 or 16. This diagnosis was a shock, but my friend has total confidence in her vet and he did remove fluid from around her lungs. She is not willing to resort to heroic measures to try to prolong Millie's life. We have a mutual friend who did that and we both think that dog suffered for months before the end. But I'm hoping Millie goes into spontaneous remission or whatever and shocks the vet by living well for ages yet. Like Ed says, Fingers crossed!


She's a beauty, Ginni. I feel the same way as Jacki. Fingers crossed...


She looks so happy and healthy. This is the kind of situation I just might seek a second opinion for. But then I don't know how old she is or the vet who made the diagnosis.

Wau wau

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6 April 2017 - 16 February 2015
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