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Baby meets horse
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  1. Brie16480:10
  2. Alex140:11
  3. truck0:11
  4. jntleman0:12
  5. GJDENT0:14
  6. Dilubreuer0:14
  7. Redneck010:14
  8. Ianto0:14
  9. NewSong0:14
  10. dkland860:15


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Horses are my favourite. We have a farm at my camphill community but we only have chickens and a cockerel

Poor you. How cute is that. 110 is the number of solves when I solved it.


Don't I just know it. My balance is terrible, just had cataract surgery on both eyes, and a knee replacement coming up. You're right, just have to see how it goes, Sue. At least we don't have snow.


I've had a number of them over the nearly 50 years we've had this property. We have 8 buried here over time. I found a home for my last 2 about a year ago. I really can't ride anymore due to back, hip and knee problems. Just have to see how things go.


You're a lucky woman, Sue. I always wanted a horse, but it never happened.


Some friends of mine [yes, I DO have some friends lol] have a horse ranch where they teach handicapped children and those afraid of horses, and develop-handicapped can come and receive training and learn to ride horses and be around them.


Oh hi, Julie. I'm in Central Florida, a ways from you. It is still a nice photo. For years I had a horse who had been trained to work with children, but the place where she was went out of business and I enjoyed her company for nearly 2 decades.


Thank you all for your comments. I didn't see most of them until Parson commented. @sue1 I live in Palm Bay. It's on the east coast, about 100 miles south of Daytona Beach.


PW, Blue is now a service horse in Daytona Beach, Fl. He helps introduce his species to children who may never meet a horse. He is a really gentle horse.


I think the horse is also in love with the little girl, too.




too precious xxx enjoy her xxxxxxx


The pure love of a child - beautiful! You are doing a grand job :o)


So much emotion there julie, i could feel it! thanks!


This is my Great-Granddaughter being introduced to her Dad's horse, Blue. He and her Mom are turning her into a BIG animal lover. Greetings and thanks for your comments.


Thank you julie ;-))


Beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing


I am in Leesburg, where are you? You mentioned Central Florida on Penny's garden photos today.


What happiness in the contact!


What a precious picture. Thanks, Mary

Baby likes horse.

Why this advertisement?