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THIS deer doesn't see me!

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Taken January 11, 2022
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  1. Teagardener0:31
  2. alansnell0:33
  3. hilda450:34
  4. Robbos0:35
  5. Ianto0:35
  6. goingsilver0:38
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When I've been to Yellowstone Park, I've seen elk with racks like this -- they look so top-heavy that it amazes me that they manage to function.


Good thing this isn't a real deer.... He wouldn't be able to do anything with antlers
that huge! But I'd bet this is a true 'heart stopper' for anyone looking for a trophy rack!
Thank you, for letting us see this!
Dusty : )


That is true, so he doubly can't see me, Parson!! I wasn't even thinking about eyes when I wrote the title.
I hope you ha a good night, Ianto.

I'm about to go to sleep, Li.


Then he wouldn't see you anyway with no eyes.


Thanks, Tea. Our house is warm, thankfully, and I'm not going out tonight.
Thank you, Ianto. You, too.
His snout is actually toward me, but he doesn't have eyes, Parson! I didn't go up close to it, so I don't know what the materials are. It looked to me like it may have been vinyl-covered wire.


That's because he is looking in the opposite direction. What is it made of?



You too Ianto :)

Enjoy your evening ladies.


It really is hard to measure, for those reasons. And it’s usually not the amount predicted :) You have enough snow to be beautiful, but not too much . . Take care and be warm tonight :)


I'm not entirely sure. It evaporates little by little, plus the wind drifts it around. Cary thinks 6-8 inches.


Hello Lady up North :)
How much snow is on your ground? Just curious ..


You're welcome, Tea!


So Cool :)
Thanks Li !


It was sparkling in the sun, but my camera didn't pick that up. I liked it, too, Sylvia.
He does look natural in the setting. Thanks, Lorna.


He is magnificent and looks so at home there! Thanks Li.


"He" is very impressive! Love this deco! Thanks, Li!




Thanks, Ianto.

This is great.

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