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Vasa Top Deck

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  1. ians991:20:31
  2. Doofutz1:45:01
  3. AlexV1:48:26
  4. elliwelli2:17:17
  5. PUSSLED2:26:38
  6. rico42:27:04
  7. webmos12:28:12
  8. Fidji333903:03:43
  9. martycornell3:32:11
  10. NZRed4:54:23


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Glad you liked it. I was fascinated with this museum. I will post another photo.

After you saw it, they built a building around the ship, continued the water and wax treatment, and eventually were able to stabilize the ship. As time went on they were able to add some details back to the ship, such as the rope work you see in the puzzle. Now it is a fascinating museum, one of the few around the world with truly historic ships such as the Mary Rose in England, and the various viking ships around the rest of Scandinavia. Thanks for the puzzle the martycornell.

I loved doing this puzzle. Is it also known as the 'Wasa'? In 1628, the Wasa sank on its maiden voyage and remained on the seabed in Stockholm harbour till about 1970-71, I think. In 1972, I was in Scandinavia and we visited the wharf where the remains of the Wasa had been lifted and was being carefully treated in 100% humidity and with constant water jets all over it to prevent it from drying out and cracking into pieces. It was quite a stunning exhibition and we felt privileged to see it. Thanks for this puzzle, martycornell. Brilliant.