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Beautiful Crater Lake, Or

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Such a magnificent sight and site.


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I believe that little green blob in the lake is called Wizard Island.


@MarinaNephele. Thanks for the comment. It truly is a beautiful place, serene and exciting also. It is so far up in the mountains, you have to be careful I driving.


@PuzzleG, So nice to hear from you. It truly is a magnificent place, the surroundings are interesting, also. We saw a man herding sheep on the road to Crater Lake. I just found it all fascinating. It seemed like we were out of the U.S.


@Nicepeach2, I can't believe I'm only seeing your comments just now! We did get to visit Crater Lake, & it was truly awesome, even prettier than this picture, if that is possible. We also got to visit my dear friend who lives near there.
I would love to visit Southern USA again! We lived in Charleston, SC for 2 years when my Hubby was in the Navy. We visited Georgia briefly for a friend's wedding, & it is also beautiful. Only thing I really didn't like was the BUGS! "Palmetto bugs" are like huge flying cockroaches, LOL! But I love Spanish moss, & the rivers & bayous, & especially the gorgeous historic homes & plantations!


It is a wonderful landscape, peaceful and lovely. Marina


What a beautiful photo! This created a great puzzle. I am so happy that I discovered jigidi. It's nice to make connections to people from all over.


Very pretty indeed! Can you swim in these waters? Or are there creatures in it you'd rather stay away from?...Big hugs, Monica


What a gorgeous photo!


Hit the wrong button,!!!! Sequim, WA. By the way, your birthday is in July and Bob's was July 13 and mine July 14. How is that for July birthdays? It is would be wonderful to be able to meet you here and in heaven. Would love to be neighbors. Or you could make a trip to Georgia/Tennessee, since I am in Georgia, but 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga. Blessings and hugs. Mary


Dear Gina, Thanks for the sweet comments . The place is one of those places that create such a deep appreciation for the wonderful gifts God has given us. It is a place that when I saw it, it took my breath away. I am still hoping to make it out there this year. Last year was the first I missed in 12 years. I have a stepson in Portland in an adult foster care. Wish they had that everywhere. Bob's daughter lives in Sequim


Mary, I'm sad that we have lived up here for 13 years, & have not yet driven up to Crater Lake once! We've actually been there twice, but both times were on vacations from our previous home in San Diego, CA up to visit my In-Laws in NE Washington, years before we moved up here. I know you will agree with me, that even when the Lake has lots of tourists, when you stand beside it you feel an amazing sense of peace & calm, & complete awe at its wondrous beauty. A dear online friend & her Hubby retired & moved up near Crater Lake last Summer, so I'm hoping we can drive up to see them this Summer, maybe for my birthday in July. I have lived in all four corners of the US, & been to dozens of amazing places in between, & I can honestly say I've never been to a place as beautiful & peaceful as Crater Lake. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo, & for the happy memories is has brought me. I hope to meet you some day, in Yachats, or in Heaven, or somewhere in between! ((HUGS)) Gina


You are most welcome, Mary.

God has created a lot of beautiful places and flowers, wonderful animals and, have blessed many people with special talents, too, among other lovely things.


You said it perfectly. It is so true. And when you see this and feel it you wonder how anyone can doubt that God created it. Thanks for your kind comments, Mary


Hi Mary, nice to meet you. I can see why this crater lake is one of your favourite places.

God's creation is indeed beautiful. The camera captures the physical aspect of the place. But, besides physical beauty there are many other aspects, eg the ambience, atmosphere of the place, the way one's heart connects to the place, the memories that the place evokes, the sound, etc.


So glad you liked it. You could take a million pictures of this beautiful place and never really capture it without being there. It is one of my favorite places. Mary


Thank you for sharing and posting this photo, Nicepeach2.

It is a beautiful place. Peaceful and calming.


Yes Mary, we are very blessed to live here amidst such great beauty, & we love it so much! I hope you get to visit Yachats this year! Love & Hugs to you, my dear friend!
Dear Lunie, I googled lake Taal, & it really is beautiful too. I can see why it is so popular! The world is such a beautiful place, with so many wonderful & amazing sights, no one could see them all in a life time. I'm thankful for people like you & others who take lovely photos of such places & share them for us all to enjoy. ((((BIG HUGS)))) to you & Didi!


There are actually lots of them but Taal is the most popular amd most visited, PuzzleG.


PuzzleG, you are so blessed to live where you are. It is such an interesting and very different place to drive to as well. I took lots of pictures with people in the road leading sheep. Such a wild and magnificent place. Gives me goose bumps just writing about it. This is such a round about place to get to, but worth every thing. I am hoping to be able to go to Yachats this year. Missed last year and it was the first time in10 years. But I feel so blessed to have found it.


I love Crater Lake! It is only about 150 miles from where we live. I've been there twice, but since we moved here 13 years ago, we haven't been there once! I really want to visit Crater Lake again. It really is a beautiful, almost magical place. Lunie, that is great that you have a crater lake where you live too! :-)


That is so,interesting Dilubreuer.


We also have a crater lake here, the Taal lake.


That is a beautiful lake.
I checked the web site and very scenic and inviting.


Yes it is an exceptional and serene place. Thanks. Mary


so serene :-)


Mary, thank you for your nice words. It's a pleasure to meet such nice people. Also I have my years. With my husband travel for nearby places in our country. I hope to continue having conversations so nice to you. It is an honor to have met you. You receive a warm greeting from this distant Chile, Pamela


Mary, this is a beautiful place !!! Greetings!!


Yes, it truly is breathtaking, & hard to believe, but it is even more beautiful in person!


Wow! Breathtaking!

It is beautiful .


Thanks, gardening and unicorn. I have only been once, but fell in love with it.


Been to Crater Lake a few times. It is quite beautiful up there.


very nice!! thanks for sharing!!