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lincoln48c, Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The squirrel is a Douglas squirrel that doesn't get very big. I understand they like apples and other fruit, so maybe it's the same type as your daughter has.

They can bring amusement to watch their antics and can appear cute. My daughter is currently plagued with one who loves her Asian peach tree. It leaves the skins and pits for some one else to clean up. A friend could not start her car recently...the "critter" had chewed through the ignition wires. He watched,on the side line, as the mechanic laughed about the situation. Thanks for a special puzzle:-))


Thanks! I'm in the process of renaming her Mamma Red. Young ones should be here in a week or two. She (and He) are really small squirrels. By weight, I suspect they are about twice as heavy as a chipmunk. Most squirrels are several multiples of her weight.


Oh, little Red is adorable!!