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dr. visit #3

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Owww! She gave me a shot! (two of them!)
More tomorrow, as I've hit my limit for today
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  1. PaxLab2:02
  2. Carol662:37
  3. lbugrato4:00
  4. shannydog274:01
  5. Doddie4:07
  6. MoreJunk4:35
  7. Jake2guinea4:39
  8. nuts5:17
  9. reba5:44


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I saw. Thanks. Their puzzle and message brought me to tears.


Thank you, Carol. I just sent a message off to them.


Eileen, go to rswestley page and see the puzzle of "Sandy". These people are heartbroken. We need to let them know we understand.......


I think that critters don't like the cold exam table, and they don't like not having any traction.
I gave him lots of Mom snuggle time when we got back home.


Poor Dusty! Bella went in for her shot today too. She was very scared and tried to climb up the vet tech and over her shoulder and away. She was actually shaking on the table. She's only been to the vet for routine visits and has always been wriggling with happiness and trying to give everyone doggy kisses. Guess she's just getting older and wiser now that she is not a puppy anymore. I'm sure she and Dusty would commiserate with each other if they were together.Tomorrow will be better, Dusty.


Pax gets to eat Cheez Whiz off a tongue depressor when she gets her shots. Since she is a Labrador and always "starving," I think they could amputate her leg without her noticing. My previous dogs... not so much. Good dog, Dusty.


He HATES going to see the vet! All he wants is...Outta there! But he was on his best behavior!
Dusty's Mom : |


Probably a veteran of going to the veterinarian

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