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Number 352 spiral again & again 600

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600 pieces
317 solves
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  1. Sandriosa37:15
  2. nicolejme39:45
  3. SailorSam42:15
  4. lanagan42:25
  5. JG54642:48
  6. CheyenneBrown44:50
  7. funnykat46:33
  8. yeo47:53
  9. Brie164848:32
  10. saltman48:52


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and done.

DONE 2021


You're welcome, Bren.


Ha! In the time that it took me to go to the shop and back I've dropped a couple of places! That was fun - thanks, once again, Jeannie


@Harmony8 - Congratulations, Kaya Lois! It's great that you've gotten so good at doing these. You're welcome, and thanks for your kind words.


Funny how that old stuff still works, and the new stuff lasts maybe a day or two, lefty.

Jeannie, it's Happy Dance Time!!! I just finished this beautiful puzzle of yours in less than 2 hours!! And I think my practice sessions in elementary understanding have ended today Whoot! All of your largest numbered gifts have been completed by me. Yea!! Thanks so very much, Special Lady, you are a 2020 life saver for sure plus much much more gifting awards


I managed to uncover a hand and nail scrubbing brush that's been in my home for probably 60 years. My mother's uncle used to be a salesman for the company. I hope he knows how well it held up and did the job or removing paint and leaving skin intact.


You're welcome, fuzzieswife: thanks!


I know that job, lefty. I'm painting some bathroom trim and being glad it's just latex - easy to wash off.


You're welcome, artmac85.

Really loved the colors in this one, thanks for the fun of solving.


I'm done with the painting, now I just have to get it off of me. After I clean up, I can get back to yesterday's puzzle (as long as no more breakdowns from ATT).


another good one Thanks Jeannie


You only had a quarter to go, lefty - you should be done and you're still on the board!


very, funnykat


This mission accomplished and it's clear enough to go out and slap some paint on the wall. I'll be off the board before I get the can of paint open.



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