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  1. karlee3:18
  2. beny053:49
  3. Goodison3:51
  4. huffy24:04
  5. kadeeken4:11
  6. bananapatchbob4:40
  7. enddump4:44
  8. sherylm4:57
  9. osersan5:04
  10. dbuchanan5:29


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Cool truck! My Era!


In the '50 and the '49 Ford the turn signal was a chrome pod attached to the side of the steering column with a radiator hose clamp looking arrangement.

I knew the first car I ever drove , 49 chevy, did not have turn signals. I can remember getting my left arm wet and frozen off quite a number of times up in the panhandle of Texas below Amarillo. When I started driving the 50 Ford coupe in 1956, my Dad must have already installed them because I do not remember having to roll the window down. But, at the same time I do not remember the lever being on the column or anywhere else for that matter. Part of the reason is because I was only 13. Thanks for clearing that up for me Pat.


I would say you are right 1958Jim. The '49 and '50 Ford's had turn signals as an add on accessory, but in '51 Ford put all the turn signals in the car and all you had to do to activate the accessory was to add the selector lever. On the Automatics it was inside of the steering column. So, you are right.
I'm pretty sure k5wno already knew that.
and the Hudson probably didn't have turn signals either, but they had the neatest pneumatic shifter. It was a little thing that looked like a toy, but worked well enough that Cord used it too. It was called a pre-selector. Pat.

I would tender a guess as about 1951

Trivia Question: What year did Ford start putting turn signal equipment on their vehicles? I'm pretty sure this Hudson did not come with any.


Thank you, mr 51 vic ss!


1940 Hudson

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