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1 ~ Snake Skin Patterns. (P/N)

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Patterns of Nature.
*Max level 108 pcs.
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  1. auntmom70:55
  2. Rote_Tulpe1:07
  3. susieQ521:08
  4. joot1:12
  5. Lenka4761:20
  6. wshealy1:21
  7. cali1028191:23
  8. pedro11111:24
  9. Noahboddi1:30
  10. jjinx1:30


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I also petted a snake once long time ago in a Halloween-theme garden centre, but it wasn't crowded at the time, so had no fuss around me. ;-))


At school we had a preschool science book on snake, that would tell us. I've petted one once when we had a animal expert come to the school with: a turtle, snake, etc. But with the children either getting up to touch, or crying cause scared, I couldn't enjoy it myself.


Well I wouldn't wear it as a scarf haha I've got a feeling this is one of the strangling kind. :-P But I tried to find it's name by patternskin (cause by picturesearch I found a lot, but no names) but it only said "ball python pattern" (17qq).


Not sure to be sure, try googling snake skin identification. Pythons get big but I've never looked at their pattern.


Do you know this snake's name by any chance Betty? I couldn't find it on the photo info.


Both beautiful and deadly!

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